PRESS RELEASE ISSUED BY THE MINISTRY FOR EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT:Educator development is the next step in the ‘One Tablet Per Child’ Project

Training courses for educators took place between Friday and today as they familiarised themselves with the new tablet which will be used in the ‘One Tablet per Child’ initiative.

The tablet which will be used, the LearnPad Workbook by Avantis Systems, enables effective supervision and control of classroom tablets through a set of tools designed specifically to help students maintain focus without distraction, work independently whilst staying safe and provide real-time views and controls for teachers. The classroom management tool simplifies the use and control of tablets in the classroom, helping teachers deliver engaging lessons and providing an easy way to manage the process of distributing and sharing classwork with students.

Between September and December the tablet will be used exclusively by Year 4 teachers and LSAs while the delivery of the device to Year 4 students will commence in December.

Education Minister Evarist Bartolo visited the training sessions which took place over the past days. He said that the tool is an important one in the digital changeover of education however he reiterated that the educational experience goes beyond a digital device and is based on the relationship and communication between educator and pupil.

About Avantis Systems

The UK based education company provides simple, effective and innovative solutions to classroom challenges. Avantis’ ethos is to create different ways to help teachers support their students with a portfolio of innovative products that do things differently and make things easier for teachers and students alike.

From its initial introduction of a tablet device under the LearnPad brand, Avantis has developed a range of devices and tools that offer unrivalled integration and collaboration in the classroom. Identifying the specific need of schools to control devices within the classroom and quickly and easily manage content delivery, Avantis has been honing its educational tablet solution over the past 4 years whilst winning a plethora of education awards on the way.

The Workbook tablet that will be used as part of the project is the latest tablet from the multi-award winning Avantis. With the flexibility of a tablet and all the functionality of a laptop, the Workbook offers schools the best of both worlds. The new ultra-sharp 10.1″ display provides outstanding visual clarity and with its fast processing functionality and smooth Active Stylus, the Workbook is the ideal educational tablet solution for all ages.

The Workbook comes equipped with an Intel quad-core processor, high performance AC Wi-Fi, front and rear cameras, high definition display, 32GB of on-board storage and access to the ClassConnect portal for total device management and control.

David Mann, Educational Services Director at Avantis commented “we are very excited to be chosen as the supplier for the one tablet per child initiative. Having tablets in the classroom has been proven to increase engagement and learning whilst providing students with the necessary digital skills to be 21st century learners”

The Directorate for Quality and Standards In Education and the Information Management Unit for Schools under the direction of Director General, Mr. Ian Mifsud and Chief Information Officer Mr. Joe Mamo respectively, have supported Mr. Emanuel Zammit, Director for eLearning, in order to formulate a holistic strategy which should enable the enhancement of the learners’ educational experience as well as acquisition and mastery of their digital literacy.

The Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Mr. Joseph Caruana commented “We are so excited to see this project being launched and look forward to reap the anticipated benefits whilst making most of today’s technology for both pedagogical changes and new ways of learning engendered by the ‘any time anywhere’ access to information and learning tools.”

Source: Government of Malta