PRESS RELEASE ISSUED BY THE MINISTRY FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Minister Vella meets Designate High Commissioner of Australia

Foreign Minister George W. Vella received the High Commissioner of Australia to Malta Julienne Hince prior to presenting her credentials to the President of the Republic on Tuesday, 31st January 2017.

Minister Vella and High Commissioner Hince discussed the close bilateral relations between Malta and Australia, and the common values and shared experiences of the two countries which are marked by the core values of democracy and good governance as well as their mutual membership in the Commonwealth and ASEM (Asia-Europe) Meeting. Minister Vella noted that despite the geographical distances between the two countries, social connections have remained very strong, while opportunities for further cooperation, such as in the areas of cultural exchanges and film cooperation, need to be further exploited.

Minister Vella also referred to the strong presence of Maltese migrants in Australia and highlighted the importance of the Maltese diaspora, particularly in the Council of Maltese Living Abroad, where five of the members of the Council represent the diaspora in Australia. In addition, Minister Vella noted the success of the ‘Consul on the Move’ project in Australia, which is both convenient and efficient.

Apart from bilateral topics, Minister Vella and High Commissioner Hince discussed EU-Australia relations, relations with the Commonwealth, trade, and other regional and international topics, including Brexit.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Vella also received the High Commissioner of the Republic of Ghana to Malta Kenneth Enos Kofi Tachie for a farewell call.

In complimenting the High Commissioner for the achievements registered during his term, Minister Vella referred to the great strides forward made in bilateral relations since the opening of a resident Embassy of the Republic of Ghana in Malta in 2014.

Minister Vella conveyed Malta’s interest in furthering progress in the commercial field, matters concerning migration, police cooperation, education, culture, as well as inter-country child adoptions. High Commissioner Tachie expressed his satisfaction at having been Ghana’s first resident High Commissioner in Malta and assured Minister Vella that the Ghanaian authorities are committed to the strengthening of relations between the two countries.

Minister Vella and High Commissioner Tachie also discussed the challenges in the different regions of Africa, including migration and radicalisation. The two agreed that Africa should not be assessed only through challenges but also through the several avenues of opportunity and positive engagement.

Source: Government of Malta