Helping Gozitan SMEs to Expand in the Financial Market

The Minister for Gozo Anton Refalo participated in the first seminar on Prospects in Gozo. This seminar was aimed towards SMEs in order to provide them with information regarding investment opportunities in the financial industry. The seminar was organised by the Malta Stock Exchange in collaboration with the Gozo Business Chamber, under the auspices of the Ministry for Gozo.

Minister Refalo noted with pleasure the introduction of a new financial product specifically geared towards SMEs and how this seminar provided SMEs with information on how they can better tap the capital market and succession planning. Unfortunately to date, the financial services sector has not been very evident in the local market. The Ministry for Gozo is committed to bringing over to Gozo new types of businesses in this area. It is augured that this will be the first in a series of information sessions of what the market can offer.

Minister Anton Refalo welcomed this initiative and thanked the Malta Stock Exchange for organizing this seminar and for keeping the local economic key players abreast with the information related to this new product. The Minister for Gozo pledged the Government’s continous support in the interest of small and medium enterprises, whom he described as the backbone of the local industry. He mentioned the Euros 16 million investment at the former MDP, at tal-?ofra, in the Xewkija Industrial Zone and also the infrastructural investment in the SME’s village in Xewkija.

Minister Refalo said that the next step is to attract investment which provides jobs for locals and those who decide to settle down in Gozo. Mister Anton Refalo emphasised that the Ministry for Gozo is fully committed in supporting initiatives which will improve SME’s business operations both locally and on an international platform. This is geared towards a healthier economy.

Minister Refalo thanked all attendees for participating in this seminar while he augured that this seminar will be fruitful in opening up new possibilities for business in Gozo.

Source: Government of Malta