As part of Malta’s EU Presidency, Malta will be launching the next round of Ideas from Europe, and the search for innovators with solutions to global challenges.

Originally launched as part of the Netherlands’s EU Presidency, Ideas from Europe is a pan-European platform, connecting innovators and entrepreneurs with the stakeholders needed to scale ideas with positive impact.

Individual member states hold country searches to identify the idea and entrepreneur that will represent their country. The top ten are provided with the required support and network to improve their reach, scale and impact.

To conduct the search for Maltese and Malta-based innovators and entrepreneurs, the Ministry for Economy, Investment and Small Business has partnered with Deborah Webster, the Founder of AMANI�. Ms Webster, who was previously a Partner with a global talent search firm, is an active supporter of start-ups in Malta, and led the search for the first edition of Ideas from Europe.

The Minister of Economy, Investment and Small Business Chris Cardona said: Business leaders need to understand and navigate increasing complexity brought about by a changing world. We believe innovators and entrepreneurs will help solve them. Ideas from Europe is the ideal catalyst to activate our local investors, mentors and partners in identifying, developing and investing in the ideas and people that will shape a better future.

Speaking about the search, Webster said, We take a lot of things for granted in this world such as access to clean water, power and education. But the reality for almost a third of the world’s current population is very different. We also need to think through new ways of doing business to factor in the growing global population and the finite resources we have on the planet. The solutions exist. We just need to find them and put them into action. Beyond ideas, we are ultimately looking for great people with ideas and solutions to some of the world’s toughest challenges.

In fact, this initiative is not just about finding the idea that will represent Malta. Minister Cardona emphasised Building a pipeline of innovators and entrepreneurs with this mind-set is essential. Hence, we encourage anyone with an idea worth doing, even exploring, to submit it online at This will help us engage the right mentors, partners, and investors to further develop and expand on the idea.

The deadline for entries is 10th February 2017, and the event to choose the Maltese representative will take place in Malta on 7th March 2017.

This is a unique opportunity to discover workable solutions to global challenges and for innovators to be able to maximise their impact.

Source: Government of Malta