This morning the National Audit Office (NAO) welcomed a group of students whose main line of study is Mathematics, Banking, and Statistics & Operational Research from the Faculty of Science at the University of Malta.

Addressing the students, the Auditor General Charles Deguara highlighted the main objectives and functions of the NAO, sometimes referred to as the ‘guardian of the public purse’. He emphasised that ultimately the main objective of the Office was that the efficiency and effectiveness of Government departments and entities continues to be enhanced within the context of prevailing rules and regulations in the best interest of the Maltese taxpayer.

The Deputy Auditor General Noel Camilleri spoke about the relationship between the National Audit Office and Government Departments (auditees), drawing on his experience in the Public Sector. He emphasised that the NAO must not be seen solely in the light of its oversight function, but also as an agent of change.

Brian Vella, Assistant Auditor General heading the Performance Audits Section, also addressed these students. He spoke of the importance of the NAO as a catalyst in improving public governance. He introduced the NAO’s organisational structure and referred to the diverse professional qualifications of NAO staff. He also outlined the types of audits that the Office carries out and explained the audit tools and techniques used by NAO auditors.

Kirsten Abela, the Education Officer on behalf of S-Cubed for this term, the faculty based organisation for science students, organised this educational visit at NAO.

Source: Government of Malta.