PRESS RELEASE ISSUED BY THE OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER: Lufthansa Technik will service EasyJet aircraft fleet in Malta

Today, Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat presided over the signing ceremony of an agreement between EasyJet and Lufthansa Technik. The British low-cost airline will start bringing its aircraft fleet, which consists of more than 200 carriers, to be serviced in Malta.

He said that the Government, through the Malta Enterprise and Malta Industrial Parks, has shown that is committed to promoting the competitiveness of the aircraft maintenance repair and overall industry and thus promoting its growth and development. Dr Muscat explained that the Government has done so concretely in terms of assistance by the responsible agencies, providing the necessary infrastructure and by investing in technical education and training of the Maltese workforce.

The Prime Minister said that the Government is fully aware that one of the major challenges in this sector is the shortage of technical employees. However, the Government is fully committed to ensure that more young people will take this sector as their career.

Dr Muscat said that economic results and sustaining a strong economy do not come by automatically. He said, that through such investments and sound decision-making that the economy will continue to outperform its competitors. He added that only a few years ago, the European Commission forecasted growth at less than 2% and described our economy as one that holds back growth. Today, Malta’s GDP grew by 5.3% and the first quarter of this year was the sixth quarter in a row that the Maltese economy expanded by more than 5%. He explained how the latest economic European Commission’s forecast titled Malta as having strong investment and household consumption. European officials are forecasting a growth of 4% GDP, double what they were calculating three years ago.

Dr Muscat reiterated that Malta has the lowest rate of unemployment in the European Union particularly amongst youths.

“These results are no end game and we need to keep achieving more for our families, businesses and most of all to give a stronger future for young people. They need to know that their future will be better than the present,” concluded Dr Muscat.

Source: Government of Malta