PRESS RELEASE ISSUED BY THE PARLIAMENTARY SECRETARIAT FOR EU PRESIDENCY 2017 AND EU FUNDS: Parliamentary Secretary Ian Borg announces three projects totalling just over Euros 2.5 million aimed at enhancing Malta’s security

Parliamentary Secretary for EU Presidency 2017 and EU Funds Ian Borg announced that the Euros 2.5 million, of which approximately Euros 1.9 million (75%) will be financed from EU funding, will be awarded to the Malta Police Force, as well as the Armed Forces of Malta.

The Managing Authority has in fact approved two projects to the Malta Police Force, valued at just over Euros 1 million – under the Internal Security Fund (Police Cooperation) programme 2014-2020 – aimed at enhancing and furnishing the current NS-SIS Unit IT Operations Rooms and its offices, as well as extending the Automated Case Management System in order to aid the International Relations Unit offices in police investigations.

These projects comprise the following:

Consolidation of the NS-SIS Unit IT Operations Room together with respective offices � worth over Euros 203,000.00;

Extension of the existing Automated Case Management System � valued at Euros 800,000.00.

On the other hand, the Armed Forces of Malta will receive Euros 1.5 million from the Internal Security Fund 2014-2020 for the upgrade of the AFM Integrated Communications systems, to keep on performing the necessary activities in order to fulfil EU obligations at the EU External Borders. The total project cost will be over Euros 2.5 million, of which Euros 1.5 million will be provided through the European Union Funds.

The project is entitled as follows:

Upgrade and Integration of the AFM Integrated Communications Systems.

Parliamentary Secretary Borg declared that further projects under the Internal Security Fund (ISF) are in the pipeline, and will be approved later this year. Such projects aim to consolidate and strengthen Malta’s security mechanisms, which are becoming increasingly vital. Parliamentary Secretary Borg maintained that these projects will compliment, and build on, other actions implemented under previous Funds.

Parliamentary Secretary Borg expressed words of recognition for the work carried out by the Funds and Programme Division (Responsible Authority) and the administrations of the Armed Forces of Malta, as well as the Malta Police Force, which, through joint efforts, has been and will continue to implement important projects in the field of internal security.

Source: Government of Malta