Announcement of four important projects, with an investment of almost Euros 19 million, aimed at enhancing asylum and the provision of measures aimed at mitigating risk and crisis, and for the provision of border control were approved for implementation

The Parliamentary Secretary for EU Presidency 2017 and EU Funds Ian Borg announced that the Agency for the Welfare of Asylum Seekers, the Civil Protection Department and the Armed Forces of Malta will be benefiting from almost Euros 19 million, of which approximately Euros 14 million (75%) are financed from EU funding.

The Responsible Authority has in fact approved two projects for the Armed Forces of Malta, valued at Euros 17 million – under the Internal Security Funds (ISF) programme 2014-2020 – aimed at ensuring the security for firearms and munitions at AFM and further upgrade to AFM’s Airwing.

These projects include:

o Improving the Security of the Ammo and Explosive Storage Facilities at Fort Mosta – worth over Euros 702,000;

o The Procurement of a 3rd Fixed Wing Maritime Patrol Aircraft – worth over Euros 16 million.

Another project will be implemented by the Civil Protection Department – under the Internal Security Fund 2014-2020 and worth over Euros 825,000. This project aims to update and replace Hazardous Material (HAZAMAT) equipment and to provide training for the HAZMAT personnel.

The project is entitled as follows: ‘Bolstering of the HAZMAT section within the Civil Protection Department’.

The remaining funds are going to be utilized to provide Security Services at AWAS open centres. The project will be implemented by AWAS – under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund 2014-2020 and the project is worth over Euros 708,000.

The project is entitled as follows: ‘Provision of Security Services in AWAS Units’.

Parliamentary Secretary Borg declared that more projects will be approved in the coming weeks under the Internal Security Fund (ISF) and Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF), which aim to consolidate and strengthen Malta’s security mechanisms, as well as facilitating integration of third country nationals in our shores. Parliamentary Secretary Borg maintained that these projects will compliment and build on other actions implemented under previous Funds.

Parliamentary Secretary Ian Borg said this Government was committed in securing more funding – both from local and other EU programmes. He stated that these projects are essential to implement and fulfil Malta’s strategic plan on migration flows and internal security.

Borg expressed words of recognition for the work carried out by the Funds and Programme Division and the administrations of the AWAS, Armed Forces of Malta and the Civil Protection Department, which, through joint efforts, have been and will continue to implement important projects in the field of internal security and asylum, migration and integration.

Source: Government of Malta.