PRESS RELEASE ISSUED BY THE PARLIAMENTARY SECRETARIAT FOR THE EU PRESIDENCY 2017 AND EU FUNDS: Parliamentary Secretary Dr Ian Borg announces three projects under the European Structural Funds and the European Regional Development Funds for Malta

During a press conference Parliamentary Secretary for the EU Presidency 2017 and EU Funds Ian Borg announced 3 projects aimed at supporting different entities.

The One Tablet Per Child (OTPC) aims to help students during their teaching and learning years.

The other 2 projects; CONvErGE (The Connected eGovernment) and SIntegraM (Developing Spatial Data Integration for the Maltese Islands) aim at creating and supporting a number of eService applications which will be beneficial for the use of Government entities, Ministries, businesses and citizens.

The project One Tablet Per Child (OTPC) whose beneficiary is the Directorate for Quality Standards in Education is aiming to provide a technical and pedagogical framework for the tablet to be effectively used in a teaching and learning environment. The One Tablet Per Child (OTPC) is intended to support Malta’s efforts to reach the EU 2020 goals in Early School Leaving and Further and Higher Education. Both areas have been identified as areas in need of a significant effort in order to reach the EU-wide benchmarks. The project costs the sum of Euros 11,911,065.52 and the main result indicator will be to reach 50% of teaching time in schools using digital technologies.

The second project CONvErGE has a total project cost of Euros 57,198,787 of which Euros 28.5 million are being supported through the ERDF Programme. The beneficiary is the Ministry for Competitiveness and Digital, Maritime and Service Economy and is aiming to create and facilitate the development of new e-services applications in the areas of health, environment, customs and interdepartmental services. The purpose of the project should result in an increase in the use of e-Government services ; ultimately having up to 65% of the Maltese population making use of this service.

The third project SIntegraM has a Total Project Cost of Euros 7,073,510, of which circa Euros 5 million is EU funded also through the ERDF (2014 -2020) Programme. The beneficiary is the Planning Authority (PA) within the Office of the Prime Minister, Policy Development and Programme Implementation Directorate. The project aims at creating a single platform for data gathering and storing in line with the gather-once/use-many concept in order to enable a stronger evidence-based policy-making facility. SIntegraM will enable the implementation of an integrated process where the interface between government, citizens and the business community would be able to use updated information in real time and in a reliable and verifiable format which shall also result in increase of e-services usage in the Maltese islands.

Dr Borg highlighted that the Government has long felt the need to create a single platform for data gathering, storing and knowledge sharing between Goverment, businesses and citizens for greater efficiency, higher effectiveness and reduction in duplication of work and bureaucracy.

Parliamentary Secretary Borg concluded by thanking the PPCD for their ongoing work and stated that the 3 announced projects focus on Digital Technology; which starts at school and continue at professional level.

Source: Government of Malta