PRESS RELEASE ISSUED BY THE PARLIAMENTARY SECRETARIAT FOR THE EU PRESIDENCY 2017 AND EU FUNDS: Parliamentary Secretary Dr Ian Borg inaugurates “In the light of….Malta” Exhibition at the European Parliament in Brussels

During the speech he gave on the occasion, Dr Borg spoke about the six priorities dominating Malta’s Presidency for the next months. He said that although we have a thorough policy programme tackling the most pressing issues, our Presidency is formulated around a simple theme: rEUnion. During the EU Presidency, Malta wants to work towards reuniting the citizen with the EU, recreating a space of union between member states, and uniting citizens with one another. Parliamentary Secretary Borg said that, we believe that culture is an aspect of life that reminds us of our similarities through our individuality and uniqueness. It breaks barriers by reaching out to what makes us human, and that is why it must be celebrated and honoured.

The exhibition at the Altiero Spinelli Building explores how Malta’s unique Mediterranean light has been captured through art across the years. Dr Borg illustrated how Malta is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and being so close to us is what makes it so influential on the Maltese citizens. The tonalities we see in the works of the artists have all been influenced, to some measure, by what makes Malta Mediterranean. Moreover, the choice of paintings seeks to explain how and to what extent Malta’s Mediterranean light is captured in the forms, themes and brushwork of different generations of Maltese artists.

Dr Borg concluded by praising the exceptional work of these Maltese artists who have expressed so brilliantly and in their own unique ways this aspect of what it is to be Maltese and to be Mediterranean. He thanked curator Fabrizio Mifsud Soler for his work with this incredible collection of Maltese art, the European Parliament for hosting the collection, and Arts Council Malta for collaborating with the 2017 Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the organisation of this event. The exhibition will run till the 30th June 2017.

Malta’s Ambassador to Belgium, Ray Azzopardi, noted that the Permanent Representation of Malta to the EU and the Bilateral Embassy of Malta to Belgium are delighted to bring Malta’s cultural highlights in Brussels, during the six months of the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union. He said that Malta’s cultural programme covers a collection of works by local prominent artists and internationally renowned Maltese performers. Through the Maltese Presidency cultural programme, Malta’s unique heritage is being displayed in different venues, including the European Parliament.

Source: Government of Malta