STATEMENT BY THE GOVERNMENT OF MALTA: Government agrees with granting the UK a Brexit extension

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat re-confirmed Malta’s stance that it will agree to the UK’s request for a Brexit extension, providing the request is justified and would help lead to an orderly exit.

The ball is in the UK’s court after its Parliament voted against the present deal with the EU. It also voted against leaving the EU without a deal. So the current situation means the UK needs to either accept the deal, or not exit the EU at all, stated the Prime Minister.

He said the European Union will not change its position because it will not compromise over the principles it is built upon. It is not a case of stubbornness by the EU, but a case of being realistic.

Dr Muscat explained that there are a number of challenges for the UK if given an extension. Primarily, the EU treaties are clear: the UK will be expected to organise the European Parliament elections in May, even though these will not have any relevance in the long-term. It is also clear that the UK cannot have a veto on an EU budget that it will not be part of.

Source: Government of Malta