STATEMENT BY THE MINISTRY FOR EUROPEAN AFFAIRS AND GENDER AND THE MINISTRY OF TOURISM: Malta for the first time among the top 10 tourist destinations for LGBTI +

Malta not only in the European top to the people + LGBTI rights, but now among the top 10 destinations in the important niche.

This results from the index of the website travel Spartacus international reputation offering advice on travel to + LGBTI community.

This site puts Malta in fourth place with 9 points out of 10, after Canada, Portugal and Sweden. substantial shift from 2018 when the country ranking 21st.

Apart from many important achievements such as the law introducing the equal marriage for all, the Spartacus site attributes this positive result to the fact that Malta was the first country in the European Union to criminalize any form of conversion practices or their advertising.

This news follows the first summit of the organization for LGBTI tourism + country, held last November with multinational entity ITB Berlin, with the participation of international experts in the field of tourism.

The Minister for European Affairs and Gender Helena Dalli said that the ministry has the responsibility to ensure the rights of all citizens and a greater wealth thanks to the improvement of working conditions in the country . This task today of many fruits and among others, Malta is increasingly becoming more recognized as the country’s civil liberties and equality that is open to trade and development. It is no coincidence then that the tourism sector is also benefiting from this interest to Malta is a country that offers both natural beauty and entertainment, as well as respect for everyone, including tourists and other minorities LGBTI + . In partnership between the Directorate for Human Rights and Integration and the Malta Tourism Authority,

The Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi expressed his satisfaction for this reached another milestone and praised several initiatives being undertaken in the tourism sector in Malta is an ideal destination for everyone. He says it is important to stay focused on local produce and continue to protect different tour niches, to continue to reduce seasonality, as statistics reflecting this through records and new milestones reached, even at a time usually tourism decline.

Source: Government of Malta