STATEMENT BY THE MINISTRY FOR EUROPEAN AFFAIRS AND GENDER: Minister Dalli Ministerial meeting on the European Union budget

informal council of Ministers responsible for European Affairs, organized by the Romanian Presidency of the European Union Council, the Minister for European Affairs and Equality, Helena Dalli stressed the need for gender mainstreaming each area financed by European funds. She said this in a public consultation launched on a strategy background of the few government days ago designed to address the lack of equality in against women in all areas of life.

The Minister said that while the European Union budget must have vision to push the competitiveness of the European Union in a global context, it is necessary to the specificities and challenges of individual Member States to protect. With this increased the importance of the process of implementation of European funds be streamlined, without an undue burden on the national administrations. They are two points of particular importance for Malta in the fact that as the smallest Member State, a small management, must use its limited resources optimally. Economic growth that saw Malta in the last six years has also brought new challenges such as increased population to be taken into konsiderazzoni.

Minister Dalli also spoke about the need for flexible budget to help the European Union to address major challenges in particular migration and climate change. Minister Dalli expressed satisfaction for the increase proposed by the Commission as regards the cost of migration and border protection. However, it said that Member States still have the certainty of what funds will be allocated to them and what contribution have to give.

During this Council, it had a number of bilateral meetings with other Ministers which discussed the future of the European Union, the European budget as well as women’s rights and gender equality.

Source: Government of Malta