STATEMENT BY THE MINISTRY FOR EUROPEAN AFFAIRS AND GENDER “We ndawwru challenge of Brexit opportunity to further strengthen the excellent relationship we have with the United Kingdom” – The Minister Helena Dalli

During the third meeting of the Malta Council for Social and Economic Development for this year, the social partners spoke regarding the latest developments on the issue of the UK from the European Union – own about preparations Maltese government to Brexit. After having given a detailed presentation on this important topic by the Head of the European Union Secretariat, Glenn Micallef.

The Minister for European Affairs and Gender Helena Dalli said that the Government has taken care that the country is prepared for any eventuality, particularly in the event that the UK to leave the European Union without agreement . This is more so when only a few days left until 29 March, which is the official date of departure from the UK European Union.

However, Helena Dalli also acknowledged being considered the possibility of an extension, if the British Prime Minister Theresa May not achieve the necessary support to proceed otherwise in the coming days.

Despite this the part of the United Kingdom political uncertainty, the Minister stressed that the Government has made everything possible so that we most countries of the European Union close to the UK, and so to relieve the headache British community in Malta and offer investors shelter space. In this context, Dr Dalli added that the Government is working on two tracks – the immediate future and further afield – to possible mitigate the impact of an orderly departure from the UK he Union European.

That is why our country residents that British citizens are informed and agree with the Maltese Government preparations, both at local level and at European level, ended the Minister Dalli.

The same feeling of reassurance was reflected in the interventions of the social partners generally agreed with the government direction which is also political consensus.

Source: Government of Malta