The Minister for Education and Employment Bartolo and Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects addressed Ian Borg activity entitled STEM High-Level Event 2019 – Fostering Industry Cooperation WITHIN School STEM Education Strategies.

The Minister Evarist Bartolo stressed the importance of STEM education as the way forward to strengthen and ensure collaboration between the world of education and the world of work within the context of development sustainable, the wealth of society and the livelihood of our planet. He said that in addition to develop the necessary skills need to nurture the right values such as respect for nature and the pursuit of consumption and production patterns that destroy our planet.

For his part, the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Projects Capital Ian Borg spoke about the importance of human resources in the transport sector, and has stressed that this important sector is to function properly, need getting people trained in technical and professional careers and jobs the sector creates.

“Our country is becoming ever more hub for maritime and aviation sectors, which is leading to job roles ranging from technical professional users for those in the service sector, which we see are other sectors like -SOCIOMEDICAL road and in our work to alternative devices, including electro brings about demand for people specially trained in servicing of new technologies. it further incentivize young people to move into these careers “, said Minister Ian Borg.

The Minister made reference to a national survey on employee skills which was published in 2017 and in particular was mentioned to Transport Malta in the works section facing difficulties in finding employees, with number of positions to take up to a year to fill. He stressed that this is not just a problem in authority but across the industry and said that as he emerged from this survey, the problem arises from the fact that young people are not nurture these skills at an early age while those who are not retiring from jidhilhom find their way with the same skills.

The Minister Ian Borg praised Transport Malta for taking various initiatives to facilitate the leap from school to work, as is leading technical advice and information from educators and young students and seeks to set an example as a model of best practice when facing challenges to find employees.

“The situation is not easy for the younger generation. In a world where everything old becomes a moment, even as Pig, a challenge to keep the information and his current training. We need to change mindsets adhere to a rigid framework not adapt to a dynamic world. governments and businesses need to continue to invest to help future employees find their way to a fruitful career and is rewarding them. Working for better learning platforms while facilitating the concept of lifelong learning , we can help the next generation to adapt to change “, stressed the Minister Ian Borg.

He thanked all those who are collaborating to overcome this challenge and stressed the importance to continue to raise awareness about the importance of education and technical training and vocational, and probably also says it needs to give due emphasis to other skills such as emotional intelligence, skills for problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and collaboration, which are all important to the economy.

“I remain committed to see that projects not only improve the quality of life and standard of living in our country, but to continue to attract more investment and create more employment opportunities. It must encourage the generations young to acquire skills in healthy marine sectors, aviation, transport in ground and infrastructure. the human resource is the most valuable resource for us and we must continue with nsahhuh trained employees from all generations “, concluded Minister Ian Borg.

Source: Government of Malta