STATEMENT BY THE MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT, SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND CLIMATE CHANGE Setting Ministerial Committee for Introduction of environmental infrastructure

The Minister Jose Herrera appointed a technical committee to study and prepared the legislative framework in order to boost further the introduction of environmental infrastructure in our country. It is intended to address among others the heart of towns and urban areas. As part of the legislative framework that will is being prepared will is also being considered, that phase of the permitting considered include the concepts of Green Walls and Green Roof.

The Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change appointed Conrad Borg Manche – as Environment Chairperson Malta, to manage this technical committee, which along with other members, composed by Herman Galea, Director general Environment Malta, Darrin Stevens, Environment and Resources DeputatDirettur ERA, Mr. Lawrence Darmanin, Infrastructure Malta, architect Alex Torpiano, Professor at the University of Malta in the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Dizin, and architect Antoine Gatt, from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban dizin, is politikatal boosting the government for carrying out another promise from the electoral manifesto.

The Minister Jose Herrera explained that the Committee would not only will promote the need to input innovative concepts, but will also jkollhu responsibility to integrate the development with more sustainable practices.

The Minister said that the increase in demand for energy in urban areas contributes to problems such as increased air pollution and flooding and this is causing pressure on the residents in urban and rural areas.

“I believe it is the duty of every citizen and every government is not talking only today, but also think for future generations. Why even future generations should have the opportunity to enjoy the value of natural capital of our country. I believe this committee will indeed is being advance solutions that bring needed change, “reiterated Minister Jose Herrera.

Source: Government of Malta