About 4,000 residents in Tal-PietA� and Gwardamanga from Tuesday will be able to begin to enjoy several medical services in their own home after the inauguration of a new health Auberge. The Auberge, located on the ground floor in the house Local Council Of Pieta, was inaugurated by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne.

Medical services offered by this Auberge differ from those of a doctor and nurse, for podiatry, blood taking, lifestyle, treat mental health as well as service for diet and nutrition for a healthy life, and pathology language. Apart from the two traditional services, the other services are using the new concept as medical services can be delivered at a community. This concept will serve as a pilot project and on the basis of similar services can be offered by other community dispensaries scattered with Malta and Gozo.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that makes a lot of sense where possible medical services provided in the community. “To this end we are to have people and facilities. And that is what we are doing, as indicated in the most clear opening of the health center of Kirkop and ongoing work Paola them, health center Censu Moran, and Victoria, Gozo, will nirrinovaw while that of the Island. we also nirrinovaw the dispensaries and where we can expand services, as is done in at Pieta. “

The Deputy Prime Minister said that the Auberge Tal-PietA� will be awarding two new services which may use not only the residents of the locality. One of the new services is taking blood while the other, specialized language therapy services for adults, will be spread nationally. “This service is aimed at adult patients who have trouble swallowing and problems with speech. We have about 700 patients suffering from these difficulties and now are given specialized treatment from this Auberge.”

Deputy Prime Minister thanked the Primary Care Department and the workers have to work that completely changed the lower floor of the structure of the building to modern Auberge.

Ms. Roseanne Camilleri, CEO of the Department of Primary Care, said that from this Auberge a major transformation and where until a few days ago were given traditional services one room, now awarding nine services that eight of them are completely new.

For his part Mr Keith Tanti, mayor of the locality, iddeskrieva the project as one that exceeded the expectation of the council and justify the decision taken in the entire ground floor of the building council f’berga transformed, is convinced that it will be of great benefit to the residents of the locality.

Source: Government of Malta