A total of 114 graduate received the warrant to practice as lawyers from the Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Owen Bonnici. Of these 46 are men and 68 are women.

Minister Bonnici congratulated the new advocates for this step and spoke about the importance and responsibility of the profession urging those present to follow the Code of Ethics and behave seriously and liability as representing a key sector in our country – justice.

The Minister Bonnici also spoke about the fact that this government is committed to continue working to strengthen the judiciary in a way that is more effective and is truly a service to citizens more efficiently.

Referring to updates within the Court of Malta including the project of improvement of IT infrastructure investment of nearly half a million euros is ongoing, referred to the various reforms within the justice sector over the last one leading to further consolidation within this crucial sector in our country.

He said that “each of which is a step forward to strengthen the rule of law and democracy.” Among a number of reforms, he mentioned the removal of the limitation on the politicians make an act of corruption, the media law and defamation, the strengthening of the Commission for the Administration of Justice and the establishment of the Bureau for Asset Recovery. He also referred to the increase of sessions at the Courts of Appeal as well as improvements in the efficiency analysis system in this important pillar of the state.

“During 2018 we have witnessed the appointment of a new Chief Justice, as well as three magistrates and three new judges who led a historic event in our country. For the first time in the judiciary a majority of women, a total of 23 female and 22 male. This is a very positive achievement especially when we look at five years ago when only 35% of judges were women, “he says minister Bonnici.

Minister Bonnici congratulated those present concluded by referring to the commitment to the government and the Ministry of Justice in this area and said that through the help and work of the professionals new they can be part of this holistic reform in the field of justice.

Source: Government of Malta