STATEMENT BY THE MINISTRY OF JUSTICE, CULTURE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Festivals Malta launches the Summer Festivals in 2019 and reveals new website

Festivals Malta, which falls within the Ministry of Justice, Culture and Local Government, launched the summer festivals 2019. The season opens with Ghanafest, with Malta International Arts Festival and the Malta Jazz Festival . Festivals Malta announced that this year will be synonymous with innovation, experience that will be felt by everyone.

“Besides, we now give a valuable contribution to our local produced to increase our visibility in Europe and beyond, these festivals provide us with the ideal platform to further promote more local talent, leading an increase in professionalization within the sector. We are COMMITTED to do these kind of festivals more accessible to members of the community because they are our identity as a celebration society “, said the Minister of Justice, Culture and Local Government Owen Bonnici.

Albert Marshall, the chairman of the Maltese Council for the Arts said, “intrinsically, festivals bring the fun – when they pick up on stage Maltese summer, decidedly more fun. Our summer festivals are increasingly becoming our cultural destination for visitors from all over the world “.

Director of Festivals Malta Annabelle Stivala also announced that this year Festivals Malta has appointed a number of new artistic directors, and explained that it believes it is crucial to achieve the objective of strengthening the portfolio festivals. “To change the artistic directors is essential to bring new and innovative ideas through which to develop festivals, bring diversity and festivals make the most relevant to what is happening at present”, added Stivala.

In a video posted demonstrated at the press conference, Tiziana Calleja, the new artistic director of the festival explained Ghanafest undergone renovation in which the Maltese heritage was mixed with today’s trends to make it more relevant. Ms Calleja also announced that the Ghanafest year, to be held on 21 and 22 June in Argotti, will be inviting the French band Sherazade et LavionRose, the bracts band, talent new home, and the popular band the Travelers.

The new Artistic Director of the Malta International Arts Festival Ruben Zahra said that his vision for the festival include a strong interdisciplinary dimension and although contemporary artistic expression, it is still accessible and exciting at the same time. The Malta International Arts Festival will be held inside Valletta and in other strategic locations around Malta between 28 June and 14 July.

Sandro Zerafa revealed part of the lineup of popular concerts of the Malta Jazz Festival made in Ta ‘Liesse in Valletta, which will include a Jazzmeia Horn and Chucho Valdes, among others. Zerafa also explained that some of the concerts will take place outside Valletta, Mdina and include Door Cospicua Sultan. The Malta Jazz Festival program, which will be held between 15 and 20 July, will also include free masterclasses, held annual appointment with the local jazz community.

Festivals Malta also revealed the new website, which includes several new features that improve the virtual experience of the izurha, and calendar features such as easier navigation can be integrated with the personal calendar of the individual. This site will also include a virtual channel which will broadcast footage related festivals and participants.

Stivala also explained that all the websites of the festivals will now be grouped in one place and will be available on

Source: Government of Malta