STATEMENT BY THE MINISTRY OF JUSTICE, CULTURE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Launched for the second year the fund to enhance safety in fireworks

The Maltese Council for the Arts which falls under the Ministry of Justice, Culture and Local Government has launched the second edition of the Fire Fund rooms working on a voluntary basis.

During his address, the Minister Owen Bonnici spoke about the importance to continue to strengthen these traditions. “This culture goes back several years and today we can say that it forms part of our cultural heritage. These habits also form an intrinsic part of our identity as Maltese and many people, both locally and even strangers are warmly to watch performances and fireworks. As a government we are committed to continue to strengthen this sector especially as regards safety. “

The purpose of this funding is to a fire room country is eligible to have the opportunity to improve its infrastructure for volunteers to work within it a safer place both during manufacture and during the fire burn itself, and to be able to invest more resources to help improve the quality of local pyrotechnic product as regards safety.

The aim of this project is to give space to the respective fireworks to come up with ideas and proposals to make restoration of fireworks, investment in fireworks structure in machinery and tools to facilitate manufacturing fire and make production safer and more safety equipment investment and resources of learning regard to security. In addition also provides for increased collaboration between Maltese fireworks.

The Maltese Council for the Arts will organize a First Aid course in collaboration with the Malta Red Cross. To receive the approved funding, applicants are required to designate a member of the chamber of the respective fire to attend this course. Who does not attend this course will not be eligible for funding.

This is a funding program of Euros 170,000 allocation for 2019. All fireworks can receive up to Euros 5,000. They must have all infrastructural nature. The fund is open to fireworks licensed and registered as a voluntary organization. Should the fire chamber is part of musical unity, it must be registered as a voluntary organization.

Applications must be delivered by hand at the Maltese Council for the Arts no later than 14 April 2019 up 12.00 (noon).

Source: Government of Malta