STATEMENT BY THE OFFICE OF PERMANENT SECRETARY CHIEF “Technology is the backbone and Public Health Service”

The current role and the following technology as the backbone and the Public Service Health voiced by the Principal Permanent Secretary, Mr Mario Cutajar, at the conference on digital government services converges. Mr Cutajar said that the technology remains under which given the whole service.

‘Converges’ is the largest investment in technology ever in the next 40 million investment Staff ten ministries and thirty projects ranging from eService Applications to others addressed by the government to the government; to business and to the citizen.

Mr Cutajar said that after the reform of the nineties, which included technology within the Public Service, things stopped so that the Civil Service was taking decisions that were addressing that free time problems forward-looking. Nowadays, to the Public Service go ahead decisions must also apply to the future and need to embrace further technological developments and predict people’s aspirations.

The Principal Permanent Secretary recalled the four pillars identified and given definition of quality to the Public Service. Have the vision that the Civil Service is accessible to anyone from anywhere 24 hours a day and Once-only-principle, which gives citizens only to government information which. The Once-only-principle was put into operation recently in the field of procurement as a pilot project.

Amidst this year’s Public Service will be launching a three-year plan will spell out what needs to be done for the future in the field of technology. Although European Union survey put Malta in first place in terms of eGovernment services, they still utilized by people.

Mr Cutajar said that the Public Service must also weigh the use of Artificial Intelligence. Another Public Service So to begin to believe the effects of Artificial Intelligence and how to apply these advances.

‘Converges’ is just a tool renewal, said the Head of the Public Service, but future looks full.

Mr Cutajar referred to the major advances made by the Public Service in recent years so much to compare with those provided by the private sector and sometimes more. The Principal Permanent Secretary also referred to the future would like to see in government departments where people work from home at times so flexible that departments of government buildings used primarily for teamwork.

In the last six years the Public Service took another stature giving an account of its work to the public. In technology, therefore, the Public Service must continue to observe, draw and more foreseeable for its customers service.

Source: Government of Malta