the swimming pool, indoor an Olympic level in the Cottonera Sports Complex with an investment of Euros 8 million

During a visit at the Cottonera Sports Complex as ongoing works on the project first pool indoorinternational scale investment of Euros 8 million, Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sports and Associations of volunteering Clifton Grima stressed that the Olympic level project promised in the election manifesto is an excellent opportunity for the aquatic sports sector in our country continues to gain momentum forward and continue to contribute to further successes achieved in -ahhar years.

Parliamentary Secretary explained that the pool indoor state-of-the-art led by SportMalta will be among the best sports complexes in the Mediterranean. Put Clifton Grima, this project, which is expected to be finished in December 2020, will be complementary to the National Strategy for Sport. This is a clear demonstration that the Government is committed to further strengthen the sports infrastructure to further increase and reach levels of success in the sport in our country.

During this visit ended the second phase of this project consisted of the dismantling and demolition of the Dromo Balls. Preparations for this project consists of three parts which now had to initiate the third phase involving all preparations to build a swimming pool indoor itself. In the first part of this project completed the construction of a retaining wall with the same project turns.

During his speech, the CEO of SportMalta Mark Cutajar explained that now completed the first two phases of this project and is calculated that the procurement department shall issue the third tender in the first week of the following April.

Mark Cutajar said the pool is of olympic size of 5000 square meters, wooden roof with a length of 44 meters and walls of glass covering some 44 square meters each side, and depth 2.2 meters, along which meets the requirement of the International Swimming Federation. He also said that the swimming pool will be equipped with the best technology including that of the bulkheads to the swimming pool is divided into more than one facility. The pool floor will have a role to fluctuate to the coaches swimming they can give lessons in their own water. Also, the demolition material is all recycled. He concluded by saying that this investment will give breath to the aquatic sports at the same time will be

Ic- Chairman of SportMalta Luciano Busuttil said that this is part of kullana project to take care SportMalta, which project will be one of the best sports complexes in the Mediterranean because the pool indoor will be complementary to the pavilion facility has space for 400 spectators and conference hall and cafe. He said that Maltese athletes will no longer disadvantaged compared to foreign athletes train and compete where open swimming pool swimming pool indoor . He also says that with the facilities programs within SportMalta will be more opportunities to grow and develop.

Source: Government of Malta