STATEMENT FROM THE OFFICE Speaker Speaker of the House inaugurate the exhibition on the Way of Women in Politics

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Parliament of Malta, Angelo Farrugia, inaugurated an exhibition on “The Way of Women in Politics. This exhibition is being organized by the Parliament of Malta with the Office of the Parliamentary Secretary for Reform, Simplification of Citizenship and Administrative Processes at the Prime Minister’s Office.

Speech of the occasion, the Speaker explained that through this exhibition is given much honor Maltese strove to achieve the rights and freedoms to the Maltese people, and takes place in the community of nations. The history of our people shows how the Maltese people came from domination to another, with his interests must be considered side by foreign leaders. Unless Malta gained its own hands, the Maltese people was undermined faith of others.

Our ancestors lived in very difficult times. Despite these difficulties, they stayed behind to take autonomous action so that the Maltese people start tasting the fruits resulting from the recognition and respect of political rights, including the “-determination” loans, with right of association and expression, the right of every person to have access to learning and education, medical care and the right to enjoy the benefits of economic development so that all people deserve.

Historical documents on economic and social situation of the Maltese islands were showing encouraging picture of the economic potential within Malta, industrial and commercial development. Other foreign experts have appreciate for defense purposes, the strategic situation of the islands in the middle of the Mediterranean. It is in both our interests, as Maltese, as well as the international community, that the sea is the Mediterranean area and place of progress and peace, a place where people come together to collaborate in different areas of life for the common good of all.

The Speaker reiterated that it is convinced that the process of emancipation of the Maltese woman could just start and go ahead through the political achievements of the Maltese people, the Independence in 1964, the declaration of the Republic of Malta in 1974 and political liberation of the islands in 1979.

In major political achievements for the Maltese people, the share of Maltese woman was very decisive. As the share of Maltese women is increasing in all areas of life, we should always prepared to take those decisions necessary to the woman in politics, in the economy and in society increases for the benefit of everyone, concluded the Speaker Angelo Farrugia.

The conference was also addressed by Professor Carmen Sammut, Pro-Rector of the University, by Claudette Buttigieg MP, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Parliament of Malta, by Julia Farrugia Portelli MP, Parliamentary Secretary to -Riformi, Citizenship and simplification in the Prime Minister and MP Helena Dalli, Minister for European Affairs and Gender.

The public is invited to visit this exhibition at the Parliament entrance of Malta until Wednesday, 13 March 2019 (Monday to Friday from 09.00 am to 17.00 afternoon and Saturday and Sunday, from 09.00 am to 12.30 nofsiegha).

Source: Government of Malta