THE MINISTRY FOR AGRICULTURE, FISHERIES AND ANIMAL RIGHTS Temporary financial assistance for price stabilisation

The conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, which has been ongoing since the 24th of February 2022, has led to a global negative impact, driving increased food insecurity as the Ukrainian and Russian regions are one of the world’s most important areas for grain and agricultural exports. Ukraine and Russia are major players in the world market for cereals and oilseeds. Ukraine accounts for 11% of the world wheat market while Russia accounts for 20%.

The conflict is having a major impact on various countries including Malta, in addition to the price increases and supply chain interruptions already resulting from the two years of a global pandemic. Additionally, given the storage, consumption limitations and current infrastructure restrictions, Maltese business operators import only small quantities. This has led not only to increased prices but also put at risk the security of supplies to the local markets. While the prices increased across the globe, the impact was drastically felt in the Maltese islands due to the double challenges related to size and insularity.

In light of these events, the Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries, and Animal Rights together with the Ministry for Finance and Employment are launching a Temporary Price Stabilisation Subsidy Scheme (Emergency Measure) to guarantee local food security and mitigate the increase in price of food products triggered by the disruption of the global commodity markets.

This scheme will apply to imports of cereals and flour intended for human consumption and for animal feeds for livestock farming which are intended for the local market.

Application forms and guidelines may be obtained from the Rural Affairs Department by requesting an electronic copy by email to

Duly filled and signed application forms and supporting documentation are to be received in electronic format by not later than noon of Friday 20th May 2022.

Source: Office of the Prime Minister