THE MINISTRY FOR ENERGY, ENTERPRISE AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Two solar farms in Gozo will generate two million kWh per year

The investment by the Water Services Corporation and the Malta Chamber of SMEs in two solar farms in Gozo will generate two million kWh per year. The generated electricity is equivalent to around 500 households.

This investment was announced by Minister for Energy, Enterprise, and Sustainable Development, Miriam Dalli during a visit where she could see the complete work on these solar farms in Ta’ Cenc, carried out by the joint venture, Malta Energy.

The solar farms at Ta’ Cenc were built on reservoirs of the Water Services Corporation. They cover an area of 9,360m², with 2,871 panels.

“This renewable energy project will generate energy that is equivalent to that consumed by around 500 households. These projects are part of this government’s vision to continue to incentivise renewable energy in our country”, explained Minister Miriam Dalli.

Minister Miriam Dalli remarked that the government will continue to incentivise these entities to keep producing clean energy, which will contribute to more sustainable economic growth and allow Malta’s targets to be achieved by everyone.

“This is the way forward, both on the part of government entities, but also on the part of this government. We must continue to incentivise clean energy production. This is a sector where we are seeing a partnership between the private sector and even the government so that our vision of having a clean economy can be achieved together”, concluded Miriam Dalli.

The Chief Executive of the Water Services Corporation Ivan Falzon explained how the corporation is making better use of its resources. “With this, we will continue working on projects of added value, where this will result in generating more clean and renewable energy.”

Noel Gauci, CEO of Malta Energy, explained how, “In future projects, we will also be able to invite families who do not have space to install panels to buy a portion of future projects. This will not only benefit businesses and their employees but also around 500 Maltese and Gozitan families for every new project we carry out.”

Malta Energy plans to expand its operations to areas outside of the Water Services Corporation’s facilities, which are owned by other government entities, can provide more value to the entity hosting the installations. For example, the panels can offer shelter, electric vehicle charging, and other infrastructure utilities.

The plant at Ta’ Cenc and the one in Qrendi will generate around 3 million kWh of clean energy per year.

Source: Office of the Prime Minister