THE MINISTRY FOR FINANCE AND EMPLOYMENT Call for applications for compensation to former Malta Drydocks employees who suffered from asbestosis and did not receive compensation from the government

The Ministry for Finance and Employment is receiving applications from former Malta Drydocks employees, who, due to the work assigned to them in the past, suffered or passed away due to asbestosis. This is a call for a one-time payment of non-pecuniary compensation with the aim of negotiating this same compensation out of court.

The documents required with this application include:

• The employment history of the individual which can be obtained from one of the job centres of Jobs Plus;

• Official certificate of the illness indicating the type of condition. Applicants can get this document from the General Hospital in Malta or Gozo

If the former employee is deceased, the above documents must be submitted by the next of kin. In this case, applicants must also submit the full death certificate.

Those employees who have already received compensation from the government are not entitled to apply.

The application can be downloaded from or collected from the Ministry for Finance and Employment.

Documents can be received in person at the Ministry of Finance and Employment or sent by post to the below address:

Secretary to the Committee Responsible for Compensation

Ministry for Finance and Employment

Maison Demandols,

Triq In-Nofsinhar,

Il-Belt Valletta VLT 1102

The call for applications will close on Monday, 28 February 2022. After this date, no further applications for compensation will be accepted.

All those who have already submitted any documents before this call must fill in the application and submit all the documents required with the call.

For further information, please call on 25998438.

Source: Office of the Prime Minister