THE MINISTRY FOR SENIOR CITIZENS AND ACTIVE AGEING New social standards for the regulation of homes for the elderly

Minister for Senior Citizens and Active Ageing Michael Farrugia announced that a legal notice which will be published in the coming days will see the implementation of new social standards, regulating the operations of long-term homes for the elderly.


During the launching of these standards, Minister for Senior Citizens and Active Ageing Michael Farrugia said that last year, these standards had been submitted for public consultation, the feedback has been assessed extensively, even in view of the pandemic situation the country has been and is still going through.


“The seven standards, therefore, have been drawn up following suggestions submitted during the public consultation. These will seek to improve the quality of service which senior citizens living in government, private or Church homes deserve,” Minister Farrugia said.


These standards are based on the principle which ensures that senior citizens receive all the care they need, that they are treated with respect, that they can enjoy their own personal privacy, that they are safeguarded from abuse and that they are able to make their own choices, while feeling protected and secure, have the right to submit any complaint and are free from any discrimination.


The legal notice will empower the Social Care Standards Authority, within the Ministry for Senior Citizens and Active Ageing, to offer guidelines to these homes and provide all the necessary support which strengthens the services they offer.


The Minister announced that the government will issue a number of tenders to improve the infrastructure of a number of government homes, including re-construction Msida home.


He called on the administration of long-term homes to work hand-in hand with the authority to aim for one goal: the benefit of our senior citizens.


Source: Office of the Prime Minister