Agreement between INDIS Malta and the Civil Protection Department to strengthen and enhance security in Gozo’s industrial areas

With an investment of around €114,000, INDIS Malta will be investing in new equipment for the Department of Civil Protection, so that the latter is better equipped in the event of an emergency occurring in Gozo’s industrial areas.

This transpired through an agreement signed between INDIS Malta and the Department of Civil Protection in Gozo. This complements a past agreement that has strengthened the relationship between the two sides, and which aims to increase security in Gozo’s industrial areas, in the best interest of the workers, the tenants and the areas themselves.

“This investment will finance the additional equipment for the Department, which will be used in Gozo and also as a reserve for the equipment available in Malta, in case of a national emergency. The new equipment for Gozo has a capacity of 20,000 litres, similar to those purchased in Malta, as well as a tractor unit that easily tows the trailers and which will be placed in the Xemxija fire station. In addition, the agreement will pave the way for more training exercises for firefighters in industrial areas, increase awareness for Indis workers as well as for tenants. Indis and CPD will be able to join certain inspections of potentially hazardous sites, as well as continue work to establish an emergency hotline, linking owners, Indis and the public directly to the CPD, in case of emergency, as well as facilitate other consultancies and training that raise safety awareness in industrial areas”, explained Minister Schembri.

Minister Schembri reminded that in total Indis Malta will have invested more than €300,000 in the Department of Civil Protection, both in Malta and now in Gozo, to strengthen and enhance security in our country’s industrial zones.

Minister for the Interior, National Security and Law Enforcement Byron Camilleri said that the Civil Protection Department is constantly monitoring the changing circumstances and necessities in Malta and for this reason, the government is investing heavily not only in human resource but also in machinery.

“It’s my pleasure that today I’m present for the signing of this agreement between INDIS and the Civil Protection Department that will result in new machinery in Gozo with a total investment of €114,000. Today we can clearly say that the Civil Protection Department in Gozo is in a better position to respond to daily calls for assistance”, Minister Byron Camilleri said.

The Minister for Interior explained that today there is modern machinery in Gozo making CPD workers much more well equipped to respond to incidents even on a large scale.

Minister for Gozo Clint Camilleri stated that the unprecedented growth of the Gozitan economy brings along various needs, amongst them is the important element of health and safety. The minister explained that the investments that were attracted in recent years vary from those in manufacturing activities to those in service activities and also to those in education and health.

“Today this agreement will see an investment of €114,000 in new and adequate equipment on the island of Gozo that should be at the disposal of the Civil Protection Department. Without a doubt, these will serve a lot for the needs of the industrial zone. This will not be the only agreement, this government will continue to be committed to increasing its financial vote for more investment in health and safety on the island of Gozo through Civil Protection investment,” concluded Minister Clint Camilleri.

Source: Office of the Prime Minister