THE MINISTRY FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, CLIMATE CHANGE AND PLANNING Gvern g?an-Nies: Another urban greening project, this time in Vjal il-?elsien

A new project in Vjal il-Helsien, Haz-Zebbug will see the installation of cycling racks and the planting of various trees and shrubs through an investment by Ambjent Malta.

This was announced by Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning Aaron Farrugia who explained that the project, being implemented by the Haz-Zebbug Local Council, is one of the many greening projects in the ‘Inhaddru Pajjizna’ initiative by the Ministry.

“Our urban infrastructure needs to reflect the needs and challenges of the day. We need to not only provide green spaces for families to enjoy, but foster greener and more sustainable planning. Our communities need to be more livable, but also need to help us combat climate change and the negative effects of urbanisation,” Minister Farrugia said.

The Minister noted that, currently, there are no trees in this particular road, and that this €200,000 investment will provide 50 Holm Oak trees, 4 Jacaranda Trees, 108 Myrtus Shrubs. The interventions in this project also include excavation works for the construction of various planters along Vjal il-Helsien and the supply and installation of street furniture.

Urging local councils to consider further greening projects, Minister Farrugia said that such interventions within the heart of our communities bring various benefits to the wellbeing of residents and visitors, as well as having aesthetic and environmental value. Greening projects aid communities to reduce ambient temperature and thus reduce the urban heat island effect, given that trees cover and vegetation cool the area through the evaporating moisture.

“These projects are being implemented primarily to improve the quality of life of all. Green infrastructure in general brings us closer to the natural environment and fosters a sense of community identity and wellbeing while also bringing environmental and economic benefits to the community. The government is continuously working to move towards greener infrastructure and implementing green initiatives,” Minister Farrugia reiterated.

The Minister spoke about various urban greening projects currently in progress across different localities, through schemes by Ambjent Malta and the Planning Authority. He mentioned the increased popularity of green walls and green roofs and the positive impacts such infrastructure brings to the aesthetics of our country, as well as its environmental and health benefits.

“We will recreate Vjal il-Helsien—the entrance to Haz-Zebbug—into the avenue it deserves to be. Through this initiative, new trees will be planted in this road and further landscaping works will take place, without the need to reduce parking spots. This is because we are doing everything with a plan,” Haz-Zebbug Mayor Malcolm Paul Galea.

Source: Office of the Prime Minister