THE MINISTRY FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, ENERGY AND ENTERPRISE Misra? is-Sebg?a ta’ ?unju 1919 in ?amrun gets new lease of life with roof garden

A new garden roofed over a parking area will give a new lease of life to the community living in Misrah is-Sebgha ta’ Gunju 1919 in Hamrun. With an investment of around €1.5million, a space previously used solely for parking has now been turned into a green space.

While maintaining the parking, this area has now been turned into a green space in a busy urban area. The Government is committed to prioritise the greening of urban areas and give citizens a better quality of life through sustainable communities.

“This is another project that is offering an open green space, which will help to improve the quality of life of residents. Trees, shrubs and plants have been planted and benches installed for the comfort of residents, a step away from their homes. We are working to have more open spaces in the heart of our communities,” explained Minister Miriam Dalli.

Funded by the National Development and Social Fund (NDSF), this project was led by GreenServ. As in other projects, GreenServ made use of sustainable material such as fully recycled aluminum and wood coming from sustainable forests for the benches. Solar panels were installed on structures for shade, for electricity generation to light up the garden and power the USB charging points. A water resevoir was refurbished for use in the garden.

As part of the structural preparations of the project, GreenServ also planned for the charging of electric vehicles in the future.

WasteServ CEO Richard Bilocca explained how the 500 square metre garden rests on an innovative steel structure. This is another GreenServ project creating recreational spaces accessible to everyone in the most urban areas of Malta so that families and residents can enjoy a nicer environment close to their homes.

NDSF CEO Raymond Ellul said that support is being given to innovative ideas which contribute towards green open spaces within urban areas. He added that both this open space and Gnien Victor Calvagna launched last week in Mosta can enhance the quality of life of the residents living in an urban area. All whilst supporting sustainability. Such open spaces offer a secure and alternative recreational area for residents. Mr Ellul added that NDSF will continue offering a better social and quality life to current and future generations.

Additional information about the project:

• The project consists of an elevated roof garden over an existing carpark

• A steel structure weighing over 40 tonnes resting on 8 columns and comprising of over 132 steel beams was constructed and installed for the roof garden

• The open space is accessible through stairs or lift, whilst a vertical wall garden covers the lift structure

• Four solar panels have been integrated in the canopies, to light the garden at night and to provide power to the USB charging points that will be available for everyone to use.

• An existing water reservoir was cleaned, plastered and will be used for the garden’s irrigation system.

• Benches were made from sustainable material; legs are made from fully recyclable cast aluminium and the seating is made of wood coming from legal harvesting, with FSC certification

• Same number of parking spaces were maintained.

Source: Office of the Prime Minister