THE MINISTRY FOR THE NATIONAL HERITAGE, THE ARTS AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT: 31 organisations benefit from the Artistic Financing Scheme for feast street decorations

€180,000 has been invested in voluntary organisations linked to feast decorations related to Maltese feasts for continuous fostering, strengthening and protection of our cultural traditions. Speaking at the presentation, Minister for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government Owen Bonnici thanked these associations for all their hard work in organising and planning artistic decorations for feasts. 

“With the implementation of the artistic financing for feast associations’ scheme, we continue to strengthen our country’s cultural fabric and traditions in feast decorations not only by assisting with designs and manufacturing but also towards their learning investment and training, as well as other cultural projects and activities. Such schemes keep giving us the foundation to further solidify our culture and its future”, said Minister Bonnici. 

Managed by the Arts Council Malta, this fund assists the numerous organisations in our towns and villages, which are linked to traditional Maltese feasts and voluntarily work throughout the year on the artistic aspect of feasts. “This scheme ensures that these organisations get the assistance needed to continue furthering their work so that higher artistic levels are reached”, said Director Funding and Strategy within the Arts Council Malta, Mary Ann Cauchi. “Such a scheme also enables us to ​see the full potential of our vibrant local ecology of cultural expressions, grounded in our communities, as stated in Strategy2025”, she continued.

Beneficiaries of this scheme are voluntary organisations enrolled with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations and were scrutinised in terms of technical and artistic eligibility by Arts Council Malta. The maximum funding per beneficiary was €10,000 per project; each project was awarded funding on a case-by-case basis.     

Source: Office of the Prime Minister