THE MINISTRY FOR THE NATIONAL HERITAGE, THE ARTS AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT AND THE PARLIAMENTARY SECRETARIAT FOR EUROPEAN FUNDS Regeneration of St. Gregory’s Garden in ?ejtun – Investing in more open spaces through European funds

Minister for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government José Herrera together with Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi inaugurated the regeneration project of St. Gregory’s Garden in Zejtun which was co-financed with European funds. The Mayor of Zejtun, Ms Doris Abela and Chairman of Gal Xlokk, Dr Philip Von Brockdorff were also present.

This project led to the regeneration and embellishment of a garden in Zejtun, whereby indigenous trees were planted, natural turf has been installed, together with benches and a gazebo made of environmental friendly material.

Minister Herrera praised the local council for tapping into these funds to carry out this environmental project which will serve as a recreational space for people living in the area. He recalled that his Ministry has for the first time issued a scheme aimed at regions whereby they will have specialised resources, including in the field of European funds and thus be able to directly assist the Local Councils to tap into these funds for further projects.

Parliamentary Secretary Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi explained how this project was carried out with an investment of more than €90,000, from which €57,870 were financed with European funds. He said that thanks to these funds, this garden will be providing a breath of fresh air to the people living in the locality. He said that the garden will be especially used by youth and children, since in the surrounding area there are swings, a football ground and a youth centre.

The Parliamentary Secretary stated that “with European funds we are improving the quality of life of the people as they will enjoy more open spaces.”

The Mayor of Zejtun, Ms Doris Abela, stated that through the embellishment of this garden, which was derelict, it has led to the transformation of an open space which will serve as a place of recreation for the people of Zejtun. She stated that this project is undoubtedly an example which reflects the role of the local council in working towards more innovation and a better environment. The Mayor concluded by saying that “this gives us the courage to continue working to see that the local council benefits from more European funds for the implementation of further projects”.

This project is being co-funded with European funds through the fourth measure of the LEADER programme, administered by the Gal Xlokk Foundation, which is incentivising the regeneration of open spaces that are directly having a positive impact on the locality while improving the quality of life of the people.

Source: Office of the Prime Minister