THE OFFICE OF THE PRINCIPAL PERMANENT SECRETARY The Public Service establishing itself as a leader in more areas

Five out of nine awards, from 70 nominations for the 2021 Worker of the Year Award were given to public sector employees. According to Principal Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar, this shows to what extent the renewal of the public service also left its mark on the attitudes of public employees while continuing to position the public service as a leader in more areas of our society.

On Monday 20th December 2021, it was announced that the prestigious 2021 Worker of the Year Award was given to Roseanne Camilleri, Chief Executive Officer of Primary Health Care in the health service. The award for the best manager of the year was given to Emanuel Psaila, Director General of the Department of Civil Protection, while the award for the best team went to the Community Police within the Malta Police Force. Sport Malta has been chosen as the most inclusive organisation in the country while Liana Bonnici received the award for the most inspiring young leader for this year.

All the winners met this morning with Principal Permanent Secretary Mario Cutajar who thanked and congratulated them for this achievement. He also congratulated all other officers and government entities nominated, for these prestigious honours which are awarded annually under the auspices of the President of Malta.

Mr Cutajar said that in recent years the public service had already established itself as a leader in various sectors through measures with a positive environmental impact; work-life balance measures; in the quality of service to its customers and in the use of technology in the delivery of its services – so much so that for a number of years now, the public service has been ranked first in Europe in egovernment. With the awards given this week, the Public Service is now also positioning itself as a leader in the field of management and human resources.

The Principal Permanent Secretary reiterated that the renewal process has not only left its mark on the service itself but also on the public employees who deliver these public services. He said that all this will serve as a solid basis for the public service to start implementing a new strategy based on the strength of the public service: the people who work in it, investment in technology, and design and quality of the service itself. Mr Cutajar concluded by stating that this strategy and all public service work must be based on the principles of quality, sustainability and accountability in order to achieve a service of excellence.

Source: Office of the Prime Minister