“The Lebanese will be able to enjoy a new electoral law that preserves their interests as per the pledge I made in my presidential oath,” President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, told Baabda itinerates on Thursday.

Aoun expressed utter relief at the fact that political leaderships, as well as popular and syndical bodies, had condoned his decision to postpone the parliament’s legislative session for a month as per item #59 of the Lebanese constitution.

“I hope the new deadline will be another opportunity to reach agreement over a new election law that embodies the Lebanese people’s hopes and aspirations,” Aoun said.

He went on to express confidence that the concerned leaderships would intensify contacts and meetings to reach the much-sought formula.

“This will allow elections to take place on their due date, and in an atmosphere of freedom and democracy,” Aoun added.

On another level, the President stressed before Lebanese University President, Fouad Ayoub, the importance of boosting the educational role of the Lebanese University.

“Computerizing the University’s different branches and faculties will enable it to catch up with today’s evolution, not to mention will contribute to its fight against corruption to be up to the people’s expectations of their national university.”

Separately, the President welcomed today the Ambassador of the Knights of Malta organization, Charles-Henri d’Aragon, who briefed him on the organization’s activities across Lebanon.

In turn, Aoun hailed the “humanitarian role of the Knights of Malta through the services it offers to Lebanon.”

Source: National News Agency