Olufuko festival key in preserving cultural heritage: Nepembe

Olufuku Annual Cultural Festival (OACF) Ambassador, Maria Nepembe, on Monday said the event is a key component and platform to safeguard cultural knowledge for posterity.

Nepembe in an interview with Nampa at Outapi in the Omusati Region, underscored the significance of cultural identity and the preservation thereof, saying the festival serves as a nostalgic escape, allowing people to reconnect with cultural aspects and traditions.

The festival commenced on Saturday in the northern town, attracting scores of exhibitors, cultural enthusiasts, and curators.

Meanwhile, Kaarina Kashupi, a grade 11 learner at Mwaala High School, told this agency that she is using the festival to conduct research on the Oshindonga tradition, which involves capturing photographs and observing the activities during the festival.

Kashupi indicated the essence of deepening her understanding of her community and heritage, as it plays a vital role in cultivating cultural awareness among the youth.

Elizabeth Silas, an exhibitor showcasing her uncle’s enterprise and its offerings also emphasized the importance of the festival, not only from a cultural perspective, but from an economic perspective as well.

Tchingando Almeida, an exhibitor from Southern Namibia, expressed his limited familiarity with the culture of the northern parts, saying his experience thus far, has been highly intriguing.

Almeida also expressed his sentiments on the festival, noting he had observed a lot of cultural practices, he was not well acquainted with but had since been enlightened, thereby enriching his experiences and knowledge.

Founding Father of the Nation, and patron of the festival, Dr. Sam Nujoma is expected to officiate at the opening ceremony on Tuesday.

The event will run throughout the week with artists and cultural groups performing.

It ends on Friday.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency