PRESS RELEASE BY THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT: “Do not let anyone despise what you have achieved” – the President to the residents who have successfully completed a drug rehabilitation programme

President George Vella said that a person can never overcome addiction alone, but it must be a collective effort. During a graduation ceremony at the Komunità Santa Marija in Hal Farrug, the President presented a memento to five residents who have succ…

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Preserving the singleness of monetary policy should be thought of as a necessary condition for price stability. The ECB stands ready to act should any disruption in the transmission mechanism occur – Governor Scicluna

Central Bank of Malta Governor, Professor Edward Scicluna, addressed the London financial community including members of the academia in a Distinguished Speakers Luncheon Seminar in London. The seminar, which was attended by over 80 participants, was o…

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