President Farmaajo Lauds Parliament for Approving Crucial Telecommunications Bill

President Mohammed Abdullahi Farmaajo has lauded members of parliament for unanimously passing the National Communications Act, a bill that seeks to streamline the country’s telecommunication sector.

This bill clears the way for the creation of a telecommunications authority, which would regulate the sector and provide protection of corporate and consumer rights.

Members of the House of the People have taken a bold step in passing this bill, I hope the upper house would follow suit. I look forward to receiving it and assenting to itrdquo;.

While opening the second parliamentary plenary session of the 10thparliament on 8th July, President Farmaajo asked the National Assembly to pass 15 bills that the administration plans to table in this parliamentary session to fast track delivery efforts.

This is the first step towards fulfilling that request, it is prove that the parliament is ready to work for the progress of our countryrdquo;.

The bill is expected to pass through the Upper House for further approval before the president assents to it.

Source: Federal Republic of Somalia – Office of the President.