PRESS RELEASE BY THE ARMED FORCES OF MALTA: Visit to the AFM by the Metropolitan Archbishop of Malta Charles J. Scicluna

Metropolitan Archbishop of Malta Mgr Charles J. Scicluna, was the main guest at the Armed Forces of Malta, where he was accompanied by Brigadier Jeffrey Curmi around the various AFM Units. During his visit, which extended through the morning, the Archbishop of Malta Charles J. Scicluna had the opportunity to have a closer look at the challenges that the AFM members face on a daily basis.

Archbishop Scicluna boarded an AFM’s Interceptor vessel and witnessed first-hand how a boarding is carried out. At Lyster Barracks he was briefed and provided with demonstrations by the 1st and 3rd Regiment of the AFM. He also visited the 4th Regiment Training School and Operations Centre, as well as the AFM’s Air Wing. Archbishop Scicluna also met numerous AFM soldiers who serve in the various units and commended them for their sterling work.

In the afternoon, Archbishop Scicluna was hosted for a lunch at the Officers’ Mess were gifts were exchanged with Brig. Curmi. The Archbishop presented the Armed Forces with a Crucifix, reminding them that whenever they assist someone, they are helping Christ who is present in those who are suffering and in need. Archbishop Scicluna thanked the Armed Forces of Malta for their work in providing security and saving lives.

Source: Government of Malta