PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR COMPETITIVNESS AND DIGITAL, MARITIME AND SERVICES ECONOMY: The gaming sector contributes Euros 1.2 billion to Malta’s Economy; 12% of GDP

The Gaming sector contributes Euros 1.2 billion to Malta’s economy, which is 12% of the GDP (gross domestic product), Minister for Competitiveness and Digital, Marime and Services Economy Emmanuel Mallia declared during the conference Connecting Our Future.

The conference was organised by the Office of the Permanent Secretary within the Ministry for Competitiveness and Digital, Maritime and Services Economy. Permanent Secretary Anthony Gatt expounded upon how the annual budget measures are each year compared and contrasted to that which would have been carried out, or not, within each Ministry. This, in effect, means that each year each Ministry determines how many of the objectives planned by Government would have been implemented.

On his part, Minister Mallia reiterated that he was well-aware that what is to be achieved is not easy to do, because of the inordinate number of measures, quality benchmarks, and dimensions of the Budget for 2017 which contains a number of sub-clauses which will make remaining on target very challenging.

“Despite all this,” insisted Minister Mallia, “we shall not be in any way discouraged from doing our utmost to accomplish the proposed projects. Rather, this shall serve as an impetus that leads us to overcome this unprecedented challenge. I am pleased to report that so far, we have already achieved all that we intended to accomplish. It would therefore be feasible to enumerate, with satisfaction, some of the projects already being finalised.

1. We set up the foundation Malta Property, and will now work towards making the local property sector stronger;

2. We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Malta to enable the Maritime Proof of Concept Fund to go ahead;

3. We are working on a new regulatory framework for the gaming sector in our country;

4. We have improved the workings of the Government Network and Data Centres;

5. We have published and set in motion the Cyber Security campaign in our Republic;

6. We are increasing the WiFi hotspots in Malta and Gozo to 400 free hotspots;

7. We are exploring the possibilities of better connectivity through a new submarine cable to Marseille, in order to achieve an even sturdier foundation for our economy.

All this and more will be achieved by the end of this year, with a clear vision, an agenda of a Government that knows from where it has set out, and knows where it is heading.” Minister Mallia said that, apart from the measures outlined within the Budget measures, this government has entrusted with the responsibility to do away with as much of the red tape that had accumulated of late as possible. This is being done to expedite investment opportunities towards a healthy economy. The economy Malta should have at its centre are people who prompt diligence and motivation, and not stifle enterprise.”

Minister Mallia said that it is also therefore pertinent to note that the simplification measures in Governmental administrative procedures is for the common good, and a boon to all Maltese citizens. He expressed his heartfelt thanks to all those who, in collaboration with several other ministries, are working so that soon, there will be what is called a base register, with common access.

This is the reason why the administration simplification measures of Government procedures, as part of a collective effort, are so important to better the lives of Maltese citizens. To this end, the Ministry is making efforts so that there is common accesss to a base register, in collaboration with several other Ministires, and for the licensing of what is known as the Amateur Radio Equipment. A new portal has been set up for gaming operators, through which they will have easier access while they are working. Steps have been taken to facilitate the application proves for gaming operators, so they can sell their services more easily in our country.

“Of course, the above is not the only work that this Ministry has conducted this year,” said Minister Mallia. “We continue our relentless pursuit to achieve a number of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)”. Malta, the Minister continued, is performing much better than expected. “We are viewing exceptional results of a country that is an example for other countries that are much bigger, as evident from a number of surveys carried out by high profile foreign authorities”.

Source: Government of Malta