The National Archives of Malta, the Broadcasting Authority, the Department of Information, Malta Libraries, MCAST, the University of Malta and PBS have agreed to collaborate in an audiovisual digitisation programme for long-term preservation that will be coordinated by the National Archives in collaboration with the M3P Foundation.

Minister for Education and Employment Evarist Bartolo presided over the signing of this collaborative charter during a ceremony held at the National Archives in Rabat.

Through this agreement, these public entities agreed to discuss and plan how Malta’s cultural and creative legacy can be preserved into the future and save important collections from being lost.

A National Audiovisual Archives Steering Committee has been established last year aimed at preserving Malta’s audiovisual heritage and oral histories by consolidating the sound, video, and image collections held by a number of government departments and public sector organisations.

Minister Bartolo explained that the Ministry for Education and Employment has placed the implementation of this project under the direction of the National Archives and these seven entities are now formally agreeing to preserve the intangible cultural heritage of Malta by pooling their resources to digitise, curate and provide access to their audiovisual collections.

National Archivist Dr Charles Farrugia stressed the need for the development and enactment of a systematic plan towards ensuring the long-term preservation of substantial audiovisual materials on a national level. Some of this work will become accessible to the public through a consolidated online catalogue coordinated by the National Archives that brings together the various national audiovisual collections presently under the guardianship of the stakeholders.

Source: Government of Malta