PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR EUROPEAN AFFAIRS AND EQUALITY: Minister Helena Dalli, a key speaker during the Women Rule Summit hosted by POLITICO in Brussels

The representation of diversity on a political level leads towards the strengthening of the institutions. This was the message delivered by the Minister for European Affairs and Equality Helena Dalli in her intervention during the Women Rule Summit, hosted by POLITICO, a journal focused on European politics and administration.

During this summit, Minister Dalli highlighted a number of measures the government introduced over the past years in order to promote equality between women and men. The Minister explained that the introduction of these measures happened thanks to Government’s feminist vision and the support of the Prime Minister, who has systematically promoted equality and women’s emancipation in his politics. These measures led towards a considerable increase in the rate of women in employment. While Minister Helena Dalli acknowledged that more work remains to be done in this area, she explained that government’s ambition in the area of equality led towards work for the increase of the number of women in the Maltese Parliament and on government boards.

With regard to European politics, Minister Helena Dalli reiterated Malta’s call for the introduction of gender-budgeting with regard to the Multi-Annual Financial Framework, so as to address gender in all of the areas, and ensure that it becomes the priority that it deserves to be. In addition, the Minister added that there is a great need that the new European Commission adopts a gender equality strategy that binds both the European Commission and the member states to promote equality for women and men, and implement measures in this direction.

Source: Government of Malta