PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR FINANCE: Ministry for Finance signs interim agreement with Childcare Centres Providers

The Ministry for Finance signed an interim agreement with the Childcare Centres Providers Association which will see an increase in the hourly rate paid by the government to childcare centres in order to continue strengthen the standards of the service being offered.

An independent audit is presently being carried out to assess the expenditure involved in the running of such centres. Both parties agreed that they will enter into negotiations to sign a three-year agreement which will cover not only the remuneration which the government will be reimbursing for the service given by childcare centres, but also ensuring that these centres will adopt international standards and best practices applicable in this sector.

Officials representing the Childcare Centres Providers Association, the Malta Chamber for Small and Medium Enterprises (GRTU), and the Permanent Secretary within the Ministry for Finance were the signatories of the interim agreement.

Source: Government of Malta