Over the years, Maltese diplomatic missions around the world have developed a tradition in their respective host countries, a celebration which has become known as Malta Day. Malta Day was held between the months of September and October. The Maltese missions abroad include Belgium, Luxembourg, Palestine, Geneva, Italy, Egypt, Ireland, Spain, Tunisia, Israel, Republic of Turkey, UK, India, Beijing China, Washington DC, Australia, Poland, Strasbourg, the Netherlands, Moscow, Greece. For this occasion, embassies invite important collaborating partners.

In the message of the occasion, through a video message, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion Carmelo Abela said that this year’s theme is the commemoration of our country; what we have achieved so far and the direction we are addressing.

He spoke about Malta rewarding the values of democracy, the rule of law, freedom of expression, pluralism, inclusion, protection of human rights of the individual, and much more. He explained the success that Malta is gaining and recalled how over recent years, Malta has distinguished itself and was at the forefront of embracing change and social and economic opportunities, rather than allowing its fate to be formed only by external factors.

“Like good sailors, we do not complain and resign ourselves when the wind changes direction; instead, we adjust our sails and forge ahead towards our destination. This is only possible because we truly believe in our own potential. The past twelve months have been, much like the twelve that preceded them, characterised by remarkable successes in several fields”. A country that had become used to regularly registering a deficit is now registering a surplus, which it is re-investing in future-proofing itself.”

He went into the flow of foreign direct investment, as well as an increased externalisation of Malta-based enterprises. “We are creating an environment that allows emerging technologies to flourish and grow. Having cemented our reputation as the ‘blockchain island’, our ambition now, is to create models which would allow Artificial Intelligence companies to use Malta as a springboard to go global. We are also looking into the exploration of the commercial aspect of outer space, as well as our ability to become a hub for video game development and eSports”, said Minister Abela.

The minister made reference to the diplomatic front and remarked that Malta is poised to continue expanding its horizons, by strengthening already existing ties with other countries, while establishing new ones. He added that as a firm believer in multilateral cooperation, Malta will continue striving to encourage the identification of synergies, cooperation on matters of common interest, and the capitalisation on each other’s comparative advantage. “No matter what a country’s geographical size is, it is through our unity that change can truly be achieved”, said Minister Abela.

He concluded by saying that Malta will continue to contribute fully to international efforts to face complex global challenges such as climate change, ocean health, and migration.

Source: Office of the Prime Minister