PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR JUSTICE, CULTURE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Works on the relocation of the library and training centre at the Law Courts finalised after an investment of Euros 140,000

Another phase of infrastructural works within the Court of Malta was finalised after an investment of Euros 140,000 for the relocation of the library and the training centre. This was stated by Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Owen Bonnici during a visit to the Court of Malta.

He reiterated how these infrastructural works are being carried out with the aim of strengthening the facilities in the Court and to offer more space for the judiciary to hear their cases with the aim being that of further decreasing the length of proceedings.

Minister Bonnici explained how these infrastructural works are divided in three main phases: works on the three new halls, with one of them already finalised and being put to use earlier this year; the relocation of a library and a training centre instead of part of the Civil Court Archives; and the installation of new lifts.

Minister Bonnici said that this relocation was essential for the works on the remaining two halls to commence. In fact, the next step is to award the tenders for the two halls and lifts so that the works can commence and better facilities be enjoyed by the judiciary, professionals, and ultimately by the citizens who make use of the Court’s services.

The Government is also strengthening online services for citizens. In fact, Minister Bonnici said that currently there are two new services which can be used via the Court website, The first service, Get Mobile Notifications, allows one to register and receive an SMS whenever there is a sitting related to a civil case, after registering for such a service. This builds on the service already offerred for a deferral of a sitting in which case an SMS is sent to avoid any inconvenience for both involved parties. The other service is My Cases whereby one can view all details of a case after registering as one of the parties involved in the case.

Minister Bonnici concluded by thanking all the workers involved in these projects and congratulated the Court’s administrator for contributing to a good cause by buying paintings to enhance the area, the profits of which will be donated to individuals with ALS.

Addressing the press conference, Chief Justice Silvio Camilleri explained how this infrastructural project addresses the training of the judicature, another important factor for the public. In fact, he stated that the Judicial Studies Committee organises traning for which there has been positive feedback. The Chief Justice concluded by saying that the judiciary is there to provide a service to the public and that continious training is a duty of the judiciary.

Source: Government of Malta