PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR TRANSPORT AND INFRASTRUCTURE: Transport Ministers adopt the Valletta Declaration on EU’s maritime transport policy

Transport Ministers of the Member States of the European Union meeting in Valletta under the patronage of the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union have adopted the Valletta Declaration on the EU’s maritime transport policy.

The declaration, entitled Valletta Declaration – “Priorities for the EU’s maritime transport policy until 2020”, is envisaged to provide input and political direction towards a follow-up to the 2018 Maritime Strategy, identifying the main challenges and goals in the EU’s shipping policies beyond 2018, with an envisaged timeline of up to 2020 and beyond.

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Joe Mizzi, referring also to the Valletta Declaration on Road Safety adopted earlier, said that these declarations on two modes of transport set a clear future political direction.

“The Presidency has brought together both stakeholders and policy-makers with the aim of establishing future sustainable policies which address the needs of our citizens,” he said.

Source: Government of Malta