PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR TRANSPORT, INFRASTRUCTURE AND CAPITAL PROJECTS More than Euros 3.5 million in Works and Infrastructure Department projects in the last year and a half. An investment of more than Euros 210,000 in an open space project in the G?ar

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg visited an ongoing project in the Ghar Lapsi area in Siggiewi where the existing open space is being extensively embellished with an investment of over Euros 210,000. The project is being carried out through collaboration between the Works and Infrastructure Department falling within the remit of the Ministry and the Siggiewi Local Council.

“One of the most important aspects which define the role of the Ministry for which I am responsible is that our work touches every locality and every community on every level, work which varies from road projects, continues with investments in transport and crosses over to a community level as well. We continue to strengthen the relationship between Central Government and Local Government, because we believe that thanks to collaboration, the community can reap more benefits,” said Minister Ian Borg.

The Minister said that the Works and Infrastructure Department on its own carried out works in different localities translating to an investment of almost Euros 2 million in just 2018, while works with an investment of almost Euros 900,000 have already been completed in 2018 and others are ongoing with a value of Euros 800,000, including this public garden.

Minister Borg said that this investment will benefit the large community of Siggiewi as well as all those living in the area who visit this bay. He also commended the work of the Local Council which is investing more than Euros 110,000 in this project, which exceeds Euros 110,000, while the Ministry will have invested around Euros 100,000.

On this site, the Department is carrying out several works including the strengthening of foundations and covering of site surfaces, a ramp towards more accessibility, stairs, the building of rubble walls, the fabrication of furniture such as benches and even foundations for a monument that will be installed here thanks to the call issued two years ago as part of the Art in Public Spaces competition, with an investment in the monument named ‘Misrah il-Kliem Mistur’ designed by architect and artist Adrian Abela. The project will also include an investment in public facilities and playground equipment.

“This is another project that forms part of our vision, a vision which includes more and more open spaces for our communities, such as the Malta National Park, a vision that looks at the continuous improvement of quality of life. We want to see more and more projects embellishing existing open spaces, so that every child in the country has alternatives to play in an open space, so that families, youths and the elderly can spend their free time in these spaces, regardless of which locality they live in. And this includes the beautiful village of Siggiewi where apart from this project we have already made investments in several rural roads, residential roads and other maintenance works as well as planned other projects. I look forward to more projects in the heart of our community,” concluded Minister Ian Borg.

From his end, Locality Mayor Kurstein Sant said, “This project will greatly benefit the Siggiewi community and all those who live in this zone. Now, thanks to the Works and Infrastructure Department and the Local Council, the people will have a more modern and better equipped open space where they can spend their free time.”

Source: Government of Malta