PRESS RELEASE BY THE NATIONAL AUDIT OFFICE: Hosting of the 2017 EU Contact Committee Fiscal Policy Audit Network Seminar by the National Audit Office (Malta)

Within the framework of the Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the National Audit Office (Malta) hosted the 2017 EU Contact Committee Fiscal Policy Audit Network Seminar. The main purpose of this network, chaired by the National Audit Office of Finland, is essentially to improve methodologies and practices in auditing national fiscal policy by making use of best practices and sharing of information amongst the different Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs).

In his welcome address, Auditor General Charles Deguara highlighted the progress achieved by the network during recent years, touching upon key issues such as sustainability of public finances, the effectiveness of tax policy and fiscal reforms, and the international debt crisis, amongst others, and augured yet another fruitful seminar for the 35 participants hailing from 18 national audit institutions across the EU as well as representatives from the European Court of Auditors. This was followed by a most interesting presentation by the network’s special guest, Malcolm Bray, from the Malta Fiscal Advisory Council, on the quality of public finances. Amongst other issues, he highlighted the fact that independent fiscal institutions and national audit offices can play an important role in advocating for a higher quality of public finances.

The Finnish Chair extended its appreciation to the Maltese National Audit Office for the excellent organisation and for hosting this seminar within the context of the Maltese Presidency.

Source: Government of Malta