PRESS RELEASE BY THE OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER: Technology should be for the benefit of the community. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat attended an event to mark Euros 100 million investment by GO.

What is the point of installing technology unless it benefits the community? stated Prime Minister Joseph Muscat when attending an event to mark GO’s Euros 100 million investment to support Malta’s digital infrastructure earlier on Thursday which, he added, benefits everyone living in Malta.

GO’s technical team demonstrated the fibre network operating system that is been rolled-out nationwide. Prime Minister Muscat remarked that the fact that GO has rolled out Santa Lucija shows that GO values Maltese communities, and not just business zones.

The Prime Minister commended the excellent cooperation between GO and Infrastructure Malta, which made the roll-out possible, and how overhead wiring had been removed to make localities look nicer, opting instead and where possible, for underground wiring.

This is what knowledge and our ‘new economy’ is all about. And this is what a change in infrastructure, from a holistic perspective, is all about, Dr Muscat said. This technology has the power to change lives for the better, and we want to be the first EU country to have this high level of coverage.

Mr Nikhil Patil, CEO at GO plc, have had the distinct pleasure of being part of Malta’s economic success story for the past 14 years. Malta is increasingly becoming the Mediterranean hub for all things digital. Thanks to our legal and regulatory framework, and a highly educated workforce, Malta has established leadership in various sectors like gaming and blockchain.

Maintaining this lead and conquering new sectors will require considerable investment in our digital infrastructure. We are entering an era where it is not just humans talking to each other, or to their phones, but devices talking to each other. We are entering a world of robots and autonomous cars.

At GO, Mr Patil concluded, we believe that the only way to future proof Malta and to be able to handle the phenomenal growth in data, is to invest in a state-of-the-art fibre to the home network.

Source: Government of Malta