PRESS RELEASE BY THE PARLIAMENTARY SECRETARIAT FOR CONSUMER PROTECTION AND VALLETTA 2018: Government promises full support to the cleansing and maintenance industry

Parliamentary Secretary for Consumer Protection and Valletta 2018 Deo Debattista, who is also responsible for the Cleansing Directorate, has promised full support from the Government to the cleansing sector, particularly with a new holistic approach to cleansing and maintenance. Dr Debattista was addressing a seminar organised by the Cleansing Directorate, to allow its employees to voice their concerns and suggestions about the operations of the Directorate.

Debattista said the Government is prioritizing the cleansing and maintenance industry by setting up a new Department, which intertwines both fields and will consist of current employees of the Cleansing Directorate.

I assure all of you that your future as Government employees of the industry is secure despite that a number of you may have thought otherwise, said Debattista.

He also referred to the increasing number of foreigners choosing to live and work in Malta, as well as the increasing number of holidaymakers, and the impact on the need for continuous cleansing works from the Directorate.

In June alone, more than two hundred thousand people landed in Malta for business or pleasure, all of which contribute to the amount of rubbish generated in our islands. These numbers reflect the need for constant works from the Directorate, in order to have a clean an environment as possible for our residents and to give the best possible impression to foreigners. I am committed to increase resources and machines that are needed to improve Malta’s environment, said the Parliamentary Secretary.

The Cleansing Directorate is breaking records of its own. In 2016 alone, fifteen thousand tonnes of rubbish were collected, and 2017 is promising to be another record year, as during the first half of 2017, the Directorate has collected more than twelve tonnes of rubbish.

Debattista thanked the employees of the Cleansing Directorate, and Director Ramon Deguara for their exceptional work and said that he looks forward to the continuous synergy between the Directorate and the Government to keep Malta’s reputation of being the best in Europe.

Source: Government of Malta