PRESS RELEASE BY THE PARLIAMENTARY SECRETARIAT FOR CONSUMER PROTECTION AND VALLETTA 2018: Parliamentary Secretary Deo Debattista announces price reductions for 23 medicines and the introduction of 15 new generics in the local market

For the second time in nine months we are announcing price reductions for a number of medicines and the introduction of new generics in the local market, stated Parliamentary Secretary for Consumer Protection and Valletta 2018 Deo Debattista.

This was announced at Chemi Pharma Limited, which was recently awarded the certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice for the manufacturing of medicinal products. With a Euros 20 million investment, the Italian company based in Malta and Brazil expanded its operations to Malta.

The government strengthened the pharmaceutical industry, including specialised and advanced medical fields such as medicines to treat cancer. Today, we are in a facility that manufactures medicines for cancer and is certified by the Malta Medicines Authority. This compliments the government’s strategy, which is inclined to offer the best service to cancer patients. This also proves belief in Malta’s capacity, noted the Parliamentary Secretary.

With price reductions for 23 medicines which had already been available on the market, consumers will now save up to 40%. These include medicines to treat inflammation, pain and heart disease.

Price reductions were announced along with the introduction of generics and biosimilars, which will enter the market at a reduced price of up to 73%.

Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Chairperson Helga Pizzuto, and Malta Medicines Authority Chairperson Anthony Serracino Inglott, who along with many stakeholders played a crucial role in price reductions, were also present.

Source: Government of Malta